Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Pantomimes come to Gwynedd

He's behiiiiiiiiiiind you!

Here at the Oakeley, we think that one of the BEST things about this time of year is the promise of a brilliant panto performance! Pantomimes are to Christmas what hearts are to Valentine's day or a gin and tonic is to a holiday. The two just go together.

No-one's really sure exactly when the pantomime in the form we now know  and love first burst onto the stage, but around the mid 17th century theatres in London began to bill high energy performances, packed with dancing, music, colourful characters, acrobatics, comedy and tomfoolery to delight and amuse the audience.

But, pantos fell out of favour in the mid twentieth century and were often seen as amateur performances by local am-dram groups. These days however, the tradition is enjoying a huge revival. It is thought that a staggering 11 million people will rush to see a panto in Britain this year; and of course, no night at the panto is complete without booing, hissing and screeching so much that your throat is sore the next day.

What's your favourite pantomime tale? The story of poor Cinderella, her terrifying sisters and a giant pumpkin? Or the comedy caper of Aladdin and his adventures with the lamp? Or what about the old classic Dick Whittington or the sad tale of the Babes in the Wood?

There are brilliant pantomimes playing at theatres across North Wales this festive season, so don't miss out.

Catch Aladdin at the North Wales Theatre in Llandudno, Sleeping Beauty at Theatre Clwyd in Mold and Snow White at the Pavilion Theatre in Rhyl. 

And don't forget to practice your "booooooooooooooooooooooooo" before you go!
Have fun!

Image: Scott Liddell

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