Monday, 9 January 2012

Russell's Academy Plans

"There's no business like Show-Business"

All of us at the Oakeley Arms have absolutely loved watching Russell and his fancy footwork and brilliant dance moves every Saturday on Strictly, but even though the fabulous journey has sadly now come to an end, Russell certainly isn't giving up on the business of "showbiz", which is where he first started his career.

It has recently been revealed that Russell is involved with plans to unveil a new Showbusiness Academy in association with nearby Coleg Harlech. Russell, who lives close by, is a loyal advocate of Snowdonia and our beautiful area, and it is hoped that the new academy will bring plenty of opportunities for prospective students.

“Plans for the academy are in the early stages", says Russell, "but the intention is that it would cater for people of all ages. It’s not true that theatre workshops are for young people as everyone, whatever their age, should fulfil their creative potential.”

Although the precise details and curriculum are still being discussed, the proposed academy would be an enormous boost for the area, and will hopefully encourage people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to learn skills or further their careers in the world of entertainment.

Russell has revealed that the course will offer a variety of musical theatre, drama and even broadcasting. He wants the proposed academy to bring something "which has never been done anywhere else - we don't want to cut across anything which is already being offered".

The plan promises to be a great boost for the undiscovered talent of the local area, and what better mentor and specialist than our very own brilliant Strictly star!

We wish Russell heaps of good luck with the plans, and we'll be excited to hear all about it when everything is finalised. You never know, we might even enroll ourselves..... (dig out your ear-plugs....hehe).

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