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Oakeley Arms History - Part 3

Up in Arms

In previous Oakeley Blog posts, we've explored the history and secrets of one of the most well known families in the area - the Oakeley's of Tan-y-Bwlch. And of course, the history of the beautiful Oakeley Arms, is inextricably linked with this influential family......

Today, we'll look at the history of the Oakeley Arms itself, although sadly, not a great deal is known about it.

There are some parts of the Oakeley Arms Hotel that date as far back as the 1600’s and it was originally known as the Tan y Bwlch Inn.

The building as it stands today was built during the 1700’s when it was owned by a local drover and during this time it was used as a meeting place for local businessmen and as a make-shift court house and police station.

Sometime during the early 1840’s it was renamed the Oakeley Arms, in honour of the estate it served.

The Oakeley Arms Hotel was auctioned off from the estate in 1910 along with 1,000 acres of land, and its fortunes too rose and fell during the twentieth century. It was given a grade II listing in 1954 because of its historical importance but by the turn of the new century was in a sad state of decay.

The current owners Ann-Marie and Chris Vanstone acquired the crumbling building in 2003, and have dedicated their working lives to restoring and refurbishing the grand hotel to its former glory.

You can read more about the transformation of the Oakeley Arms on our blog post

The Oakeley Arms today

The Oakeley Arms is proud of its distinctive crest, which has stood loyally as a symbol of the hotel since the nineteenth century. It means “I’m cautious but I do not fear”
Oakeley Arms Hotel

You can read more about Plas Tan-y-Bwlch and the fortunes of the Oakeley family at or on our previous blog posts

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