Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The North Wales Pilgrim's Way

Follow the Pilgrim
Here at the Oakeley, you know by now that we love a good walk, but this week we're wondering about an extra special challenge? We've heard a few of our guests and customers mention the Pilgrims Way, which is a fabulous long distance footpath that spans the northern coastline of Wales.

This stunning walking route runs for 150 miles and follows in the footsteps, literally, of the thousands of ancient pilgrims that would have at one time completed this route as part of their religious education and spiritual journey.

The route begins in Holywell, North East Wales, which was an old embarkation point for ferries that came from the North West of England and the Isle of Man, and it ends at Bardsey Island, a saintly (20,000 saints are said to be buried here) and very religious island. In Medieval times, three pilgrimages to Bardsey were considered to be the equivalent benefit to personal religious enlightenment  as one trip to Rome.

As well as an enormous sense of fulfilment, the route aims to give walkers more insight into the varied and rich history of Wales, and the opportunity to explore some beautiful countryside -  the Clwydian Hills and the Llyn Peninsula to name only a couple of the stunning areas that the walk passes through.

Annual pilgrimages are organised by the route's founding members, and anyone can join them for a section - or the whole lot if you're feeling energetic!

You can find out more information on the route, as well as maps, historical information and details at the website. Click here

Happy Walking!

Image by Mynydd Mawr (Nowster) on wiki commons

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