Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Beachwatch Big Weekend

We do like to be beside the seeeeeaside.
On the coastline of Snowdonia, just a few miles from us here at the Oakeley Arms Hotel, are some of the most stunning beaches in the country. We think we're pretty lucky to live so close to this magnificent coastline, so when it comes to looking after it, we'll jump at the chance to give a little something back....
Beachwatch Big Weekend is an initiative now in it's 19th year. It's organised by the Marine Conservation Society and it's basically a big beach clean! It takes part across Britain, and is a way for the whole community to be actively involved in keeping beaches and coastlines clean and rubbish free.
This year, the Beachwatch Big Weekend runs from 14th - 17th September. The event is a crucial part of the Marine Conservation Society's work to keep beaches clean. Much of the wildlife and nature that lives along our coasts and beaches is under threat because if the huge volume of litter and waste in the sea. Some wildlife actually get trapped and entangled in pieces of rubbish, and some accidentally eat it. Over a million birds and 100,000 sea mammals die from the effects of rubbish in the sea every year. And it's not great for humans either - a beach scattered with nasty looking rubbish and sometimes hazardous waste doesn't make for a pleasant day out.
Each year, the Marine Conservation Society produce a report on the type, and amount, of waste that is found on the country's beaches. The latest report shows that since this project was started 19 years ago, beach rubbish has increased by a staggering 135%. They have also found that over half of the rubbish found is plastic, and that dog poo in plastic bags has increased by 11% in just one year!
So, if you fancy doing your bit for our beautiful Welsh beaches, volunteer to take part in the annual Beachwatch Big Weekend and help out with a beach clean. You can find more information at the website here. You can volunteer for an event already taking place, or you can organise your own beach clean up.
Let's banish that waste and get our beautiful beaches clean!

Harlech Beach, close to the Oakeley Arms Hotel

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