Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Red Nose Day is 25 years old!

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Did you know that today is the 25th anniversary of the first ever Red Nose Day and the Comic Relief live show? Hands up who remembers watching it on BBC1 all those years ago. Ok, go on then, we don't like to admit it, but we will! Where did those 25 years go?
Comic Relief was originally founded in 1985, by comedy writer Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry, in response to the widespread famine across Africa in the 1980s. Although Comic Relief works all year around, the highlight is the annual Red Nose Day, which was first broadcast on the 5th February 1988.
The live shows are supported by some of the country's most famous, and funniest, faces, as well as having a huge amount of support from the nation. Schools, offices, businesses and charities organise fundraising events up and down the country in an attempt to raise as much money as possible for the Comic Relief charity. And wearing a silly bright red nose is just one of the ways the public can donate! Over the years there have been big red noses, little red noses, squishy red noses, noisy red noses and even red noses for cars!
This year's Red Noses are dinosaur themed.
You can buy yours from branches of Sainsbury's or Oxfam
This year's Red Nose Day takes place on Friday 15th March, so you've got over a month to think of some great and funny fundraising ideas! What about a jumble sale, a cake sale, a fancy dress party or a sponsored swim, walk or hot-dog eating contest!
And Comic Relief is not only for good causes in Africa and abroad. Here in Wales, the Comic Relief charity has given cash to over 700 community groups and good causes since 1988. There are grants available this year, so if you run a charity or good cause in Wales and think that Comic Relief can help, then check their website for details of how to apply for a grant. See ww.comicrelief.com/apply-for-a-grant
Miranda Hart and Lenny Henry wear their Red Noses with pride!
All images courtesy of www.comicrelief.com

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