Monday, 8 April 2013

X-Factor hasn't hit the x-spot!


Here at the Oakeley Arms we do agree that the X-Factor is arguably one of Britain's best loved talent shows. Like it or loath it, since the very first show hit our screens in September 2004 it has inspired tears, tantrums, gossip, controversy, and of course BIG hits. Can you name all 9 of the X-Factor winners so far (go on, don't be shy - we bet you can!!)

A big part of the X-Factor's charm are the city auditions that take place up and down the country every year, with hoards of hopefuls attending and singing their hearts out for the judges in a bid to become Britain's next BIG thing. And this year, the X-Factor team have made it easier than ever for people to audition by sending a mobile "audition" van to regional and local venues across the country.

Ian Paterson via Wikimedia Commons

Last week, the mobile audition was lucky enough to come to the Welsh town of Bangor, not too far from the Oakeley Arms. However, far from being a stampede to the door, just 30 hopefuls turned up and so wasn't quite the chaotic spectacle that we so often see on television when the auditions are aired.  Although Bangor didn't have the lowest number of contestants - Colchester in Essex had just 22 people through the doors!

However, spokespeople for the show claim they were not disappointed with the turn out, and that the regional auditions are to give a chance to those not able to travel to the larger cities. Speculation that interest in the X-Factor is waning was waved aside by bosses, who claim that the show is as popular as ever. Phew, we can still have our guilty pleasure this winter then!

JEdward perform on X-Factor 2010
By JonathanLGardner via Wikimedia Commons

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