Monday, 1 October 2012

Pinch, Punch, First of the Month....

October 1st!
Gosh, 2012 is flying by isn't it? October already, we hear you cry! There's only 85 days left 'till Christmas, and 92 until the beginning of 2013... scary stuff!
But, that's enough about Christmas! As today is the 1st of October, we thought we'd celebrate all things October-ey. From the weird to the wonderful, there's a lot going on...
  • October is the month of.... school holidays (not long to go), Halloween, Thanksgiving, Oktoberfest, Blog Action Day and the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair....
  • In Roman calendars, October was the 8th month of the year, which is where its name comes from - octo means eight.
  • October was traditionally the month for Mop Fairs... This ancient tradition was when farm labourers or servants would look for more work for the coming year. They'd stand in the centre of town, dressed in best clothes and with some indication of their profession -  a gardener might have a rake and a maid might have a mop. There is still a Mop Fair held in Warwickshire to this day!
  • The 18th of October is St Luke's Day; a day especially for young women. If they slathered their faces in a cream of honey, spices and vinegar and chanted a poem before bed, then their destined true love would appear that night in their dreams.
  • According to ancient rhymes and folk lore.... rain in October means wind in December. and "When berries are many in October, beware a hard winter"....or "if the October moon comes without frost, expect no frost till the moon of November".
  • October is the month to celebrate the anniversary of the first Model T Ford car (1908), the opening of the first McDonald's in the UK (1974), the discovery of New Zealand by James Cook (1769) and the joining of East and West Germany (1990).
  • October is also the start of Autumn, which is a great month to get out and explore forests, woodland and trees and witness mother nature's autumn spectacle.
Autumn Leaves
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