Tuesday, 16 October 2012


King of the Jungle....

Did you know, that this month is the 100th anniversary of the first publication of the iconic story Tarzan of the Apes? This all-time favourite character was first created by American author Edgar Rice Burrows, and Tarzan's capers were first serialised in a magazine in October 2012.
The series proved so popular that it was published in book format a couple of years later, and its creator went on to write over 20 sequels! All of which were published well into the 1940's.
Original Tarzan book cover, designed by Fred Arting
Tarzan of the Apes tells the story of a boy, John, who was born to English parents marooned in the deepest, darkest African jungle. He is raised by apes after his parents are killed and after many struggles and battles, is crowned the King of the Apes because of his fighting prowess and hunting skills.
So to celebrate Tarzan's  100th birthday here at the Oakeley Arms, we thought we'd have a jungle style day out and pop over to the beautiful Coed-y-Brenin, just a short hop away. There, in the midst of the forest is the fabulous Go Ape Adventure!
Go Ape is the forest day out that has taken the country by storm. Here, you can play Tarzan-style to your hearts content - climbing trees, swinging on ropes, shooting down zip-wires, it's all part of the fun (and safe!) day out! It's great for adventurous kids and thrill seeking adults will love it too.
And you never know, you might even find your Jane, hiding in the tree-tops!
For more information, prices, booking details and course high-lights on the Go Ape website. www.goape.co.uk
Make like an Ape!
image by Frank Wouters, Belgium (Flickr) on Wikimedia Commons

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