Monday, 10 December 2012

International Mountain Day

Pick of the Peaks
Tomorrow (11th December) is International Mountain Day. And here at the Oakeley Arms, we think that's reason enough to celebrate the stunning Snowdonia mountains that are just a short hop from the hotel.
International Mountain Day was first held in 2003, as a way to celebrate and create awareness of the world's mountains and how important they are. The international day was established by the UN as a way to share education and knowledge about sustainable mountain development and about some of the issues that surround the world's highest peaks.
Mountains are not only beautiful, but they provide much of the world's freshwater, are natural habitats for a huge range of wildlife, plants and birds, and are home to one in ten people across the globe! Yet the world's mountain ranges are under constant threat from global environmental issues such as mining, conflict and climate change.
View from Snowdon
Here at the Oakeley Arms, we are incredibly lucky to sit in the shadow of Snowdonia, which of course is home to the finest mountains in Britain (not that we're biased!). Not only is Snowdonia National Park home to Wales' highest mountain Snowdon, but there are also many more mountains within the Snowdonia ranges, such as Cadair Idris, Moel Siabod, the Moelwynion, Cnicht, the Glyderau, Moel Hebog, the Rhinogydd and Arenig to name but a few.
So why not make the most of this lovely bright winter sunshine and explore some of Snowdon's beautiful mountains and hills? Remember to stay safe though - winter can unleash some difficult mountain conditions. Find out more about mountain safety here.
View from Cnicht
You can find out more about International Mountain Day here
Stay safe on the mountains, never proceed with a walk if conditions are unsafe. Any mountain walks are undertaken at your own risk; the Oakeley Arms cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from the use of this blog post.

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