Monday, 18 March 2013

RBS 6 Nations Rugby Winners!

What a Weekend for Wales

So, who saw the match? Or would it be easier to ask who didn't see it? We're still giddy here at the Oakeley Arms, and a bit groggy, as we join the rest of Wales in shaking off the weekend long hangover after the celebrations.
And what a match it was. Wales started out strong, and stayed strong, to fend off old rivals England, who looked like the occasion at the Millennium Stadium was just a little too overwhelming for them. Wales only needed to beat the English team by 8 points to secure the 6 Nations Championship title for a second year, but the whopping 30-3 win went down in history as one of the most exciting games of rugby in recent years.
The atmosphere at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff was electric on Saturday....
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Wales have now caught up with England in the 6 Nations record books; the win on Saturday means that both teams now have a total of 26 championship titles since the competition began in 1883.
The Wales team celebrated their victory in style at a black tie event on Saturday evening, followed by a big brekkie on Sunday morning. Well, the boys deserve it, don't you think? And messages of congratulations flooded in from Welsh fans all over the world - from David Cameron to Charlotte Church to David Hasselhoff.
So, all that's left is to send our own congratulations, here from Snowdonia and from all of us at the Oakeley, to the band of boys that we are SO proud of. Well done boys; you did the nation proud.
Now, where's that strong coffee? We need it this morning......
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