Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wonderful Weather in Porthmadog

Sunshine Sunshine

Are you feeling hot, hot, hot?!

Wow, what have we done to deserve this glorious spell of weather? We've no idea, but we're not arguing and we've got all fingers crossed that it lasts! The weekend saw temperatures sore into the twenties; amazing figures considering it's not even April yet.

And our very own little town of Porthmadog made the news at the weekend - it was the hottest place in the UK on Saturday, with a record 22.2 degrees! The temperature matched the previous record for the 24th March - it was set in 1918 in Nottinghamshire.

The all-time hottest record for March weather in Wales was set in 1965, when the temperature reached 23.9 celsius on the 29th March. Here's hoping that tomorrow will match it!

Get your shorts on, the hot weather is set to last into the weekend. Wahoooooo!!

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