Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A snowy week

Snow Business

Most of the country is bracing itself for a blanket of snow and icy weather this week, as weather forecasters predict that not much of the UK will escape the white stuff. From the hotel windows here at the Oakeley Arms we can see a smattering of snow on the top of the Snowdonia hills, but it's not a snowy wonderland down here yet!
It's been a relatively mild start to the winter so far, with the festive season being more soggy than snowy, so just where has this cold snap come from? Well forecasters believe it's to do with a phenomenon known as Sudden Stratospheric Warming. It's all a bit scientific for us, but basically it means that even though the atmosphere high up there has experienced a warm snap, for us down here that equals a chilly one!
So, will the snow be a fun diversion? Or will it be the bane of the country as it disrupts roads and rail, not to mention issues with school closures, travel plans and even the daily commute. But, always ones to look on the bright side, we got to thinking about all the fun things you can do in the snow, and here are our favourites......

 Image by stone0206 on sxc.hu
  • Build a snowman! And don't forget his carrot nose, coal eyes and a scarf to keep him warm.....
  • Go sledging! There are some great little hills and sloping fields here that are just perfect for sledging.
  • Go on a snowy walk. Make the most of the beautiful winter conditions and enjoy the snowy mountain views. Just take care out there!
  • Make a snow angel. Who doesn't know how?
  • Have a snowball fight! And a forfeit for the winner.......
  • Build a snow castle. Save the beachy sandcastles for the summer, and construct your own snow palace instead.
  • Learn about snow. Did you know that no two snowflakes are ever the same? Or that chionophobia is the fear of snow. Or that about 12% of the earth's surface is permanently covered in snow and ice?
  • Forget all the snowy activities, and come over to the Oakeley Arms to warm your cockles by one of fabulous real fires in the bar. Heaven!
Whatever you get up to, stay warm and stay safe. It's brrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold out there!

 Image by porah on sxc.hu

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