Monday, 21 January 2013

Big Breakfast

National Breakfast Week
We're celebrating in breakfast style this week at the Oakeley Arms. We LOVE breakfast, but did you know that almost half of the population of Britain regularly skip it - they don't have time for it, or they simply don't fancy it. We reckon that if they popped over to see us for an Oakeley breakfast, they'd soon change their mind!
Nutrition experts believe that eating a healthy breakfast is not only essential to give you energy for the morning, but that having a good graze helps to improve brain power, memory and concentration. Eating breakfast can also cheer you up and put a smile on your face (hands up who gets grumpy when they're hungry!) as well as providing essential nutrients and vitamins. AND, people who eat a regular breakfast are much less likely to be overweight than people who skip breakfast.
 By Scott Bauer via Wikimedia Commons
And if a bowl of cereal and a slice of toast is about as much as you can manage at 7am, take a look at these bizarre breakfasts from around the world.......
  •  Japan - a bowl of steamed eggs in a broth are the staple breakfast meal for millions of Japanese people every day. And if you're really lucky, they'll be topped with some cured fish or chicken.
  • Thailand - spicy rice noodles anyone? It would warm up a chilly winter's morning, that's for sure.... not that they have many of those in Thailand!
  • China - hundred year eggs are a delicious breakfast staple, served with a type of rice "porridge". Hundred year eggs are cured for several weeks, until they go a greeny-brown colour. Eat up!
Century Egg for brekkie anyone? Mmmmm
By FotoosVanRobin via Wikimedia Commons
  • Korea - Kimchi is a good breakfast in Korea, but don't let the smell of the fermented vegetables used to make it, put you off!
  • Mexico - mouldy or "diseased" corn is a big delicacy in Mexico. Bacteria turns the usually yellow cobs black and squidgy..... and they are then used to make a porridge type of breakfast. Yum!
  • Jamaica - a huge plate of ackee and saltfish is a staple for much of the Carribean. Ackee is a fruit, which is poisonous if it isn't properly prepared!
  • Pakistan - in sweltering heat and blazing sunshine, what could be more refreshing than a hearty curried soup made from lamb's head and feet? Called Siri Paya this is a popular breakfast!
  • USA - they never do things by half in the good old USA! A breakfast called the Loco-Moco can provide up to half a person's daily calorie allowance. Take a plate of boiled rice, add a fried egg, top with a hamburger and smother in gravy.
We think we might stick to good old fashioned eggs and toast! Here at the Oakeley Arms Hotel, we offer our guests a range of delicious breakfasts, with as many local meats and ingredients as we can find. Yum. And we're also open to non-residents for breakfast between 7am and 10am. See you soon!
Use the comments box to tell us about your favourite breakfasts!
You can find out more information about National Breakfast Week, click here

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