Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Happy Holidays

Holidays help you live longer!
Here at the Oakeley Arms, we've always known that holidays are good for you. And that there should definitely be MORE of them every year (are you listening Mr Cameron - more bank holidays please.....), but a groundbreaking new study has shown that holidays can actually help you live longer!
The study was conducted by holiday company Kuoni and Nuffield Health has found that a break away from it all can......
  •  help lower your blood pressure. High blood pressure can contribute towards strokes, heart attacks and general ill health.
  • help you sleep better. Good sleep is essential to repair and renew your body.
  • help you recover quicker and better from stress.  
And all of the above can help you have a happier, healthier and longer life. So, as we always thought, holidays are good for you! And it doesn't have to be a bank-busting luxury holiday to the Carribean, any break away from home and the daily routine counts as a holiday!
image by Vanepan on sxc.hu
What more of an excuse to you need? Book your lovely holiday here at the Oakeley Arms today! Choose from one of our lovely hotel rooms, or how about one of our fab self-catering cottages - we've got all you need for the perfect and life-saving holiday.
Come chill with us here at the Oakeley Arms
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For more information about the study and the full report, click the link here

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